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Electrical panel upgrades are an essential step in ensuring the safety and reliability of a home or building’s electrical system. Old and outdated electrical panels can be a major fire hazard and can pose a risk of electrocution. Additionally, as households continue to add more electrical appliances and devices, the demand on the electrical system increases which may overload an outdated electrical panel. This can lead to frequent circuit breaker trips, power outages, and damage to electrical appliances.

By upgrading to a modern electrical panel, homeowners can ensure their electrical system is equipped to handle their household’s current and future needs, improve energy efficiency, and increase the resale value of their home.

Keeping your electrical panels maintained and up-to-date is an essential aspect of home or building maintenance that should not be neglected. Avoid overloaded panels, safety hazards and expensive damage to appliances and electronics by upgrading to a modern panel with higher amperage capacity. 

Panel Upgrades

Do I need a new electrical panel?

If you suspect that you require a new electrical panel, it’s highly probable that you do.


Whether you’re a new homeowner or building owner, or you’re seeking a pre-sale inspection – our expert electricians are available to assist you. Our specialists also act as consultants, guiding you through the process and making recommendations for optimal efficiency.

Electrical Service Upgrades

By Certified Electrical Experts

At BDT Electric, we prioritize the smooth and efficient execution of every project we undertake. To ensure this, we begin with an initial appointment to fully comprehend your requirements. Once the project’s scope has been determined, we create a plan and can coordinate with other contractors if necessary. Additionally, we offer a contentment guarantee, upkeep ideas, maintenance recommendations, and relevant warranties.

Our most in-demand services include:

  • Power distribution inspection
  • Servicing of Disconnect switches
  • Expansion slots
  • Adding additional Circuits
  • Partial and complete rewiring
  • And many more other options!
Electrical Wiring