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Quick, Affordable Emergency Electrical Experts

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Having 24/7 access to a licensed emergency electrician is essential in detecting and solving potentially dangerous electrical problems.

Our emergency electricians are some of the best electricians in the Fraser Valley – affordable, fully licensed and prepared to serve you when you need it most.

Whether old or new construction, considerable electric troubles can occur without warning, interfering with your daily life and causing safety concerns.

BDT Electric’s licensed emergency electricians understand the need for fast and reliable response times that guarantee solutions. Whether it’s an emergency with your electrical system or you suspect a potential hazard, our electricians offer expertise on whatever situation may arise.

We will take a comprehensive look at the problem, then immediately repair the power issue and restore full functionality. With 24 hour emergency electricians, BDT Electric is here to keep you safe from whatever electrical hazards may come up unexpectedly.

Emergency Electrician

Quick, Affordable 24-hour Emergency Electrician

Do you struggle with…

Flickering Lights

Flickering Lights

Tripped Breaker

Tripping Power Breaker

Broken Outlet

Broken Outlets

Smoking Electrical Panel

Smoking Electrical Panel

Or maybe…

  • Appliances losing power

  • Overloaded electrical panels

  • Sparking electrical panels

  • Defective or faulty outlets

  • Strange odours or burn marks

These are indications that there may be glitch with your power.

If at any time you believe your electrical system is at risk of starting a fire, DO NOT WAIT! Call us right away and we’ll give you the best next steps to make sure your home or business is safe and secure before we come take a look ourselves.

Licensed Emergency Electrical Experts

While we can’t completely protect against unforeseen power failures, we can work toward avoidance. Providing regular routine examinations and upkeep can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. We can provide maintenance strategies that best fit your needs while also installing emergency generators to ensure that you’re ready for a power failure.

Our expert emergency electrical experts are trained in emergency reaction and are committed to ensuring your safety in all times. Don’t put yourself or business in a harmful situation without having somebody you trust to call. You can trust BDT Electric for support.