Ceiling Fan Installation

BDT Electric is a Fraser Valley leader in ceiling fan installation. We get many calls from people asking for help keeping their houses cool without needing to purchase an HVAC cooling and heating system.

Ceiling fans are reasonably cost-effective and fast to install. Nonetheless, we don’t recommend doing it on your own as there are some critical safety and security precautions and complicated electrical wiring that is required.

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Our Ceiling Fan Installation Process

First, we’ll book a consultation appointment to evaluate your project needs. This can either be in your house or on the phone. Once we identify the scope, we can book an appointment to complete the installation.

When we are installing, we are constantly mindful to practice safety & professionalism we’ll completing the job quickly and efficiently.

Once the installation has been completed, we’ll also give you a few tips on ceiling fan maintenance. This will help you ensure that your new ceiling fan functions correctly for several years to come.

Why Hire an Expert for your Ceiling Fan Installation & Wiring?

Here are a few ways an expert can help to install your ceiling fan:

Ceiling Fan Location

A professional can analyze the framework of your ceiling to confirm the fan is installed in the most safe place. Ceiling fans are often heavy, so height and positioning is very important.

However, in most cases, BDT Electric can install your new ceiling fan in any room in your home or business. In fact, you might want to think about adding additional fans strategically places in multiple areas to maximum air flow and cooling benefits.

Ceiling Fan Electrical Wiring

Some ceiling fans can be made complicated to wire properly, particularly if there isn’t a lights fixture in the area where you’d like to have it installed. Our professional electricians can wire your fan anywhere you desire. Keep in mind that depending upon the room, installation might just require extra support braces to be installed in the ceiling to support the weight of the fan.

What are the advantages of having your Ceiling Fan professionally installed?

Here are several reasons to consider installing ceiling fans in your home or office:

  • Budget-friendly cooling
  • Year-round air flow & circulation
  • Increased Energy-efficiency
  • Compatibility with most lighting systems

BDT Electric can match your house with exactly the ideal ceiling fan type for your needs.

Ceiling Fan Installation Help

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